The FaceToFaceGames.com Tournament Series is the largest Magic: the Gathering circuit in Canada. In 2016, we’ll be hitting up most provinces in Canada at least once in an attempt to spread the love to all of our loyal fans and customers across the country. Additionally, we’ll be working closely with local stores to provide players with even more great ways to play Magic on the weekends. You’ll now be able to earn byes, free entry, and awesome, exclusive playmats and tokens by participating in local Trials!

Here’s a basic breakdown of our events for 2016:

– 2x Planeswalker Point Multiplier
– Exclusive Trial Champion playmat awarded to tournament winners
– Byes and free entry awarded to top competitors
– Exclusive Trial tokens given away to each Trial participant
– Tons of other prizes!

– 4x Planeswalker Point Multiplier
– Exclusive Top 8 playmats awarded to top competitors
– Exclusive Open Series tokens given away to each main event participant
– Tons of awesome side events!
– Tons of great prizes!

We’re incredibly excited to bring Canadian Magic players an unparalleled tournament experience, and the FaceToFaceGames.com Tournament Series is just one of the many ways we hope to bring even more fun to players across the country.